Black & White Always Make the Perfect Pair

Women can always turn to black & white for the best outfits this season.

We all know it already - black and white paired together make for an extremely chic combination. Whether its the high contrast, sharp lines, or eye-catching pop that the shades make put next to one another, it's just a great combo. That's why for Spring 2014 (and probably every other season in the history of fashion) there is a resurge of this black & white trend. My favorite part of the trend is definitely the black/white combo and use of geometric shapes and patterns, like zig-zag, houndstooth, diamond designs. They're all just really great looks and add a lot of something extra to avoid seeming like you're a Plain Jane dressed in all black or all-white (not that there's anything wrong with that). Above you'll see some of my favorite black & white combos used in various pieces. I seem to lean more toward the harsh lines, like in the Saint Laurent bag and Rebecca Taylor coat. The subtle striping seen in the Manolo Blahnik is also great because it's not as bold as the other patterns and prints you mind find using black & white combinations this season.

Now, as far as outfits go, here is one that I think can go a long way and really take you a step beyond just a normal white top and black jeans combo. The pants themselves have texture with a mixture of velvet and leather. Though the leather is a little hard to see, it's there and is adding an edge to an otherwise black pair of pants. I've gone ahead and use two types of black and white details to the outfit. The first is the polka dot shirt - I wanted to create a high contrast look, so I went ahead and did the white blouse against the black bottoms; the black spots tie in the black in the pants and the heel. The heel itself can be the staple, but again, I decided to throw in another pattern to keep things interesting.

With women's clothing, I also suggest accessorizing lightly. If there's too much going on, people will notice and it can take away from the overall feel of your look. I went ahead and threw in a pop of color with neon yellow since it complements the black and white very well without being too distracting. It really adds a great touch and contributes to the playfulness of the look. And lastly, if you have weather like we do here in San Francisco, throw on some great sunglasses and maybe a simple bracelet to complete the look!

Alright ladies, it's a 'ready, set, go!' sort of feeling going on right now. I suggest trying out some of the places you already know and love. Forever21, H&M, Zara, and American Apparel always have a great collection of black & white contrast in-store or online. And if you need anymore style tips, feel free to ask and I'll answer! I'm always here to help.