Hints of Mint for Spring

Mint Green Items that Make for the Perfect Spring Look.

Sometimes it gets a little too easy to forget that women need a little outfit inspiration, too. It's hard enough being a woman and going through applying makeup, doing your hair, and now you have to choose what you're wearing for the day? Well, for the very first time, here's a little  outfit inspiration for you ladies from the Menswear Mag team.




A Hint of Mint by ofmiceandmenswear showing what to wear with skinny leg jeans

When it comes to spring, we all know about the essentials: pastels, prints, pale blushes, florals, etc. We see them every year, but can we really think of that many different ways to wear them? Probably not. That's why I suggest adding a few key pieces into your wardrobe with your favorite spring colors & prints, that way you're not reusing the same piece over and over again, but you still get to implement that great spring look. Today I chose mint, I personally love the color for spring and can't wait to use it myself. Above I've shown you a really great way to implement it in an outfit. I used creams, browns, and beige tons to bring down the brightness of the mint since it has such an appeal to the eye. Wearing mint with black, if done incorrectly, can be too much of a color contrast and become painful on the eyes. Below are some of my other favorite mint pieces for women - check them out:

Most of the pieces are simple statements - a bow, clutch with gold detail, and a mint circle skirt. Each one of these is great to have on any day, but for spring, these will become your best friends. But remember, always tone down a loud color - think of it as music, if you think it's loud, then a million other people think it is, too. Anyway, I hope this was helpful to you all! If you'd like us to do more outfit inspiration posts, feel free to comment and share! The better the feedback, the more motivated we will be to do it :) Thank you for reading!