5 Sexy Rolex Watches for Men

Because you can never put a price on quality. 

1. All-Black & Stainless Steel Datejust Watch

2. Brown & Rose Gold Sky Dweller w/ Alligator Strap

3. Two Tone Datejust Watch in Brown & Blue

4. Rolex Air-King in Red & Stainless Steel


5. Black & White Datejust w/ Stainless Steel Detail


When it comes to luxury, there's no brand out there that does it quite like Rolex. Always known for its high quality and unrelenting style, the Rolex name is known by many (and owned by few). With that, there are some retailers out there that are making buying & owning a Rolex a lot easier and affordable for those that can't buy one in-store. One company making a mark in the online luxury watch business is Swiss Wrist Inc. Swiss Wrist doesn't just focus on any luxury watches though, just those meant for the upper echelons of the luxury-loving world. 

Specializing in buying & selling new and preowned Rolex watches, Swiss Wrist (www.SwissWrist.com) has really garnered an impressive collection of multiple stainless steel, leather, and active Rolex styles. With options for both men & women, the collection of Rolex watches that Swiss Wrist carries suits the fancies of almost everyone. From some vintage pieces in retro-resemblant colors to more modernized styles with alligator leather detail, it's no wonder why Swiss Wrist has created itself such a loyal following of both buyers and admirers. 

So, why do you need a Rolex? Well, nobody needs a Rolex, but it would sure as hell be nice to have one. And if you are looking to buy one, but can't stomach the full sticker price then Swiss Wrist is your way to go. Their team aims to provide 100% satisfaction and will even offer you 5 day inspection period upon receiving your new piece. If the watch itself is damaged and doesn't turn out as pictured of described, you can send it back in for a refund or exchange.* 

Something crazy that was shared with me is one of their most expensive watches sold for a crazy amount reaching into the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars. Yeah, that's right - someone out there is sporting a watch that can pay off your student loans and still leave some change for a down payment on your dream home. But I digress. 

If you really are serious about checking out some more of these Rolex styles, be sure to head over to SwissWrist.com to get your own (or maybe just drool a little). They're not only an investment in your style, but the ultimate game-changer for any style aficionado.