Uniqlo Offering Scholarships to Harvard

UNIQLO to supple Harvard University students with unique scholarship opportunities.

If Harvard students weren't feeling the pressure before, they sure have a reason to now. (Image via UNIQLO)

UNIQLO is bringing fast fashion into one of the most prestigious academic grounds on the planet, Harvard University. The Japanese-retailing powerhouse is teaming up with Harvard to offer a brand new program. Starting Fall 2015, this program will offer fellowships to two Japanese students - one accepted into Harvard Business School and another accepted into Harvard Graduate School of Design. Participants of the program must submit an application and go through a series of interviews with the CEO of Fast Retailing (parent company of UNIQLO) Tadashi Yanai.

The fellowship will be offered once per year for three years. This means that a total of six Japanese students will be selected for this program. Each student will receive approximately $200,000 for a grand total of $1.2 million. In addition to the fellowship opportunity, the six selected will also be chosen to participate in an internship at Fast Retailing.

Now, as for the other Harvard students outside of this lucky six, they’re just going to have to pay for Harvard the good old-fashioned way.

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(via Fashionista)