5 Gray Pieces for Everyday Fall Style

5 key gray pieces every guy should consider adding to his fall wardrobe.


Aside from black, gray should be next on your list of favorite colors, especially since it’s just as easy to match with every other color in your wardrobe. On the color palette, although gray doesn’t offer the same slimming effects as black, gray helps for easy layering and a sense calming & relaxation when it meets the eye (unlike some other colors you see dished out every season). Here are 5 key pieces in cool grays that will keep you warm & stylish this fall.


1. Grey Houndstooth Single Breasted Wool Blend Mac. Get It Here - Topman


2. ASOS Super Longline Sweatshirt With Zip Detail. Get it here - ASOS


3. MEN URBAN SWEAT SHIRT. Get it here - Uniqlo


4. BDG Knit Jogger Pant. Get it here - Urban Outfitters


5. Brixton Rival Beanie. Get it here - Urban Outfitters